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Adventure Sustainably



From seams to streams, building a better world starts with a building better company.


Our team goes to great lengths to ensure that we sustainably source the absolute best fabrics in the world.


WindPro® Insulation Fabric by Polartec®

WindPro® Insulating Fabric

This durable water repellent outer surface paired with a tight knit base construction withstands moisture and rain while retaining breathability and comfort.

Thermal air pockets retain the warmth needed from an insulation layer, all without the use of a laminated membrane. As such, WindPro by Polartec® is dependable and versatile in inclement weather conditions.

Hardface® Abrasion Resistant Fabric by Polartec®

Hardface® Abrasion Resistant Fabric

Fused at the fiber level, a Hardface fabric treatment by Polartec® enhances abrasion resistance and water repellency.

Because each fiber is individually coated rather than blanketed across the sheet, breathability is not sacrificed either. This added fabric protection maintains performance quality and extends the life of our garments.